How to Request Toner

 You do not need to submit a ticket for toner request\ maintenance calls,

Please call - ABP at 303-778-0600  ​



* You will need to provide your copier ID (BD) number that is on the front of the copier (if you are requesting for more than one please provide each of the DB#)


* You will also need to confirm your address, contact name and number


​* All Kyocera toner containers, are made up entirely of plastic components and can be easily added to your recyclable containers


​ * You do not need to submit a ticket for maintenance calls, Please call

                                             ABP at 303-778-0600  ​



**ABP (Automated Business Products) will never call you for a supply order. NEVER place a supply order from an incoming call, ALWAYS submit a help desk ticket for toner orders. There are scamming companies who cold-call companies trying to get them to place an order for toner and will charge the company $800 for the toner and shipping.**


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